So I was corresponding with someone on OK cupid who complimented me on making very mature decisions at my young age, quoted Ayn Rand, and apparently cared deeply about the first amendment after reading wikipedia. He also liked twilight. He invited me for coffee.  This appealed deeply to my sense of humor, and I was going to agree, simply for the story value.

So I agreed, saying public places and I will receive safety phone calls, one during and one after.

He responded by saying it was good he didn’t invite me to dinner or I’d have had bodyguards, telling me that now I’d told him he could kidnap me at gunpoint and force me to call in, giving me his phone number so he could be tracked if he killed me, and saying sheesh it was only coffee.

I wrote back that I no longer felt comfortable meeting him, and suggesting that next time, making jokes about kidnapping and killing might not be the way to go. He told me that telling him I was taking safety precautions was a huge turn off he’d been prepared to ignore, and told me that he was at risk all the time of being raped and murdered TOO.  I judged further response to be pointless.  Probably soon I’ll stop responding at all and just leave them wondering where the coffee is.

I think this will be an exciting exercise in dickery, don’t y’all?


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