I give up

For a week.

I have to write a brief.  It is long.  And complicated.  And I have to work all weekend to finish.  Soooooo.  No socializing this weekend.

But I do have guilt: When we passed the bar, lol, Bluebook and I were discussing where we should go to celebrate.  Bluebook suggested New Haven, and I said that was fine but if we went there, they would have to walk me and Statute to our cars, since New Haven wasn’t safe.  He said of course, and expressed surprise that I needed to make a point of that.  I said I had been surprised to learn I needed to say it too, but that previously I’d found that other people did not think it necessary to walk girls they were with to the car at night in downtown New Haven, the fourth most dangerous city in the country.  He said the other guys I’d been with were dicks.  I agreed.  We ended up not going to New Haven, due to Statute’s suggestions, and rejoiced all night, and I thought that was the end.

Till I went to lol and Bluebooks for dinner Friday.  Stayed to watch a movie, and it was dark when I left.  As I was going out, both stood up and asked if I needed walking out to my car.  In their apparently safe apartment complex (I’ve never seen a complex so full of families) where the my car was right outside their door.  At the time I did not put this all together, laughed and asked if something dangerous was happening at the apartment.  They said no, but someone should walk me out since it was dark.  Bluebook did.  I thanked him and went home.  But apparently I accidentally gave them both guilt.  And now I’m not sure how to unguilt.



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