Apples and corn

We passed the bar.  Everyone I cared about did.  Poppy who does not like being around so many indians did not.  I cannot find it in me to feel sad.  I got to the ACLU that day and demanded that they give me the craziest intake available to keep me focused.  They did.  I was all set not to start checking till noon, but then Car said his were up by 10:30.  So I started checking as soon as intake was over at 10.  AND THEY WERE UP.  AND I PASSED.  I was so relieved I went quiet.  My hands shook with relief.  Words can’t describe.  I thought I’d be able to work after that but I was useless. I was just so full of adrenaline.  So I took off (with encouragement of Sea, who told me to take the rest of the day off and celebrate.  Being an obedient intern, I did as instructed).  And had lunch with lol to celebrate, hung out with him and….seriously, yall, I refuse to Dr Pepper this.  Bluebook.  Then we all arranged to go out to a bar.  I had a glass of wine and was distinctly tipsy.  And threw cheese in Statute’s boyfriend’s hair (it was so puffy!  I couldn’t help myself!)  WE rejoiced.  We passed.  It was fun.  Bluebook got drunk and insisted repeatedly that I drink huge amounts of water (though I’d only had a glass of wine) while drinking next to none himself, and assuring me that I’d thank him when I wasn’t hung over the next day (I’d already filled my wine glass twice with water and downed it, so I had twice as much water as wine before this started).

Then M suggested a trip to go apple picking and cornmazing.  YAY!

So we all went today, M, K, lol, Bluebook and me.  Parking there was dreadful, and the weather was in the high 80s.  We ran into Awesome, who was in her 3rd year when I started lawschool, and is just Awesome.  She’s great.  She made me feel okay for loving law school, and is just incredible in all that she does.  It was great to see her and her cute new baby who is adorable.

We went through the corn-maze, using a process by which whoever was in front led until they went the wrong way and were then demoted.  I was only allowed to lead twice, partly because I had a tendency to start laughing evily when I led and that made them demote me even before I went the wrong way.  It was good fun, though M wanted to CHEAT.  And use a MAP.

Some people just have no sense of decency.

We eventually found our way out of the maze, right at the point where K, M and I were proposing to occupy the corn maze in protest of its environmental impact.  It was sad.

So we went to go pick apples!  But we all wanted to cook with them and they didn’t have Macs!  Or Granny Smith, but I don’t cook with those.  It’s a family thing.  So we decided to pick a few of each kind of apple, thereby securing at least some right apples for our pies, cakes and crisps.  We wandered the aisles of apples, plucking them as suited us.  lol tried to throw apples at me, because I mentioned in the car that last time I went apple picking everyone knocked apples down on me.  So not okay, apples HURT.  Then we went home.

The upshot?  Good fun.  M and K are a lot of fun to be around.  Nothing new on other fronts.  I’m not sure if this counts as a socializing effort, but it’s a chance at new friends, so I’ll give it a close enough.  Maybe the church has a young adult group I can join?





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