Week Three: The Big E

This week: Big E.
No contra dancing happened this week; the only ones happening were too far away.  So instead I went to the Big E, which is a fair.  I’m not sure this entirely counts as socializing, since I went with lawschool people.  But, except for Lol, it was lawschool people I don’t know much.  It was a girl a kind of know and think is nice who organized it, and I went with her, her boyfriend, another girl from the school and Lol.  Another friend of mine who I need a shorter name for than the one we’ve been using (three words is just too long, yall) was supposed to come, but didn’t at the last minute, due to an excessive workload.  He sounded miserable in a worrisome way.
But the day was fun!  And HOT!  Jeez, was it hot!  We drove up to Massachusetts, parked far away and walked to the fair, meeting up with Lol on the way.  We then proceeded to wander.  First to the barn (cows!  sheep!  fiber booth with some of the crappiest drop spindles I’ve ever seen!).  Lol complained that the 4H show was terribly depressing because the cows would probably just be slaughtered.  Lame.  Many of those cows are pampered pets, as I know well from my cousins 4H shows.  We then watched sheep shearing (lol complained that it was mean to the sheep.) and wandered in search of alpaca, finding only a giant butter sculpture.
So we went off to the section of the fair where the various northern states have buildings, showcasing what makes their state cool.  M wanted a candle that smelled of campfire (she’d found one the year before) but alas, none to be found.  I picked up a balsam scented bar of soap that fills me with glee.  M and her boyfriend split a lobster roll from Maine, and we all stood in the RIDICULOUSLY long line (it curved round and around filling a tent outside before going inside again)  for Maine baked potatoes.  Good, but not worth it.
By the time we got our potatoes I was so hot it was making me sick to eat them so I dashed back inside to get water.  One bottle I drank, the other I poured on my head at periodic intervals.  It helped.  And provoked laughter, but that’s fair enough.
We wandered craft booths.  We found an alpaca booth which was so incredibly soft that we girls stayed there forever, fondling the fur products (which no alpacas had to die to make cause you just sheer them, like sheep).  We went to the petting zoo and fed the animals.  I begged for an elephant ride but everyone else said elephants were mistreated so I shouldn’t ride them and generally shamed me into not.  I instead communicated with the elephant through the bars.  He had nice, patient eyes with mountains behind them.
We played games: M tried to get lol to win toys for all of us.  He wasn’t having any, but everyone had fun losing at the games.  No one but me and M wanted to try rides, so we only did one: a swing one that went up in the air and around in circles and was AWESOME!
Overall, a good day, despite the heat headache and nausea.  We’ll see if friends come out of it.
A plan for later:
I would really like to have a paperchase.  Where one person is the fox and takes confetti (only we’d use something less littery) and runs off in the woods and leaves a trail of the paper (that is liable to be blown by the wind, to make it fun) and the others wait, then try to follow the trail.  You do it over a fair distance, the chasers trying to catch the fox and the fox trying to make it to the endpoint.  I think this sounds like jolly good fun: you can do for being fast but leaving a clear trail or being sneaky but going slower!  How good!

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